Fun Facts

What is the main city or capital of Trinidad?   Port of Spain

How many people live here?  About 1.3 million people

How big is Trinidad?   143 km from North to South and 61 km from East to West

What about Tobago?  It’s about 42 km long and about 12 km wide.  There are 16 small islands off the coasts

If you ever get to go diving in the Sea near to Little Tobago, you can see the largest brain coral in the world.

Every year over 10,000 giant Leatherback turtles visit our beaches to nest.  People come to see the turles lay their eggs and to see the baby turtles hatch.

What else is tere to see and do?  The mountains and forests are fun for hiking and there are many beautiful waterfalls on both islands. 

Did you ever see the movies Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War?  

Winston Duke, who acted as M’Baku, was born in Tobago.

Trinidad has the world’s largest Hanuman Murti statue outside of India. It is 26 metres (85 feet) tall and can be found in the village of Carapichaima.

Hanuman Murti

Angostura Bitters was first made in Venezuela, but since 1875 it has been made and exported from Trinidad and the recipe has been secret since 1824.