We believe in human potential

St.Anns/Cascade Junior Life Centre

We are committed to reconnecting people to their potential

Our Objectives
- Build self esteem
- Improve literacy & numeracy levels

SERVOL’s Junior Life Programme was established in April 1994. The programme was born out of the need to fill an educational gap between the primary and secondary school system for some of our students.

There are 10 Junior Life Centres throughout Trinidad.  

You're going to do great things

“The true wealth of the country lies in its people, and it’s reassuring in today’s materialistic society to learn that acts of human compassion are taking place around us… SERVOL’s example may yet be the turning point of our nation”

Trinidad Express Newspaper, January 1981

SERVOL is named Individual of the Year 1980

Are you interested in a Story?

Our teachers will video themselves reading a story every so often